Words of Power

Words of Power

Discover entire alphabets of magic symbols created by Words of Power community 🧙‍♂️

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HOWTO upload TexnoMagic alphabets created with wopeditor as mods

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HOWTO upload TexnoMagic alphabets created with wopeditor as mods to wop.mod.io

  1. get the free and open source tool wopeditor the Words of Power Editor - see installation or itch.io if on Windows
  2. create your alphabet from scratch in wopeditor
  3. draw any number of drawings of each symbol (YourAlphabet -> YourSymbol -> new drawing), have look at Core Symbols Challenge for inspiration
  4. wopeditor is in alpha - if a feature is missing, you can always press open dir button and edit files by hand
  5. once happy with your alphabet, select it and press export button to create a .zip file containing your alphabet and open explorer in parent directory
  6. share your magnificent creation ♥
    a) Add Words of Power Mod here on mod.io - fill required info about your mod and upload the alphabet .zip file (exported from wopeditor).
    b) or drop your alphabet .zip into wopeditor discord channel, and I'll process it for you if I have the time.

After approval, your mod will appear on wop.mod.io as well as under online mods in wopeditor.

Thank you for your contribution, dear Mage 🧙


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